Kundan Meena Jewellers

Kundan jewellery was very popular during the Mughals. The art of setting the gemstones on gold at room temperature was an emblem technique for jewellery of the Mughals.Also the art of enamelling called Meenakari also bloomed during the Mughal era. Meenakari is a time-consuming process that produces a beautiful floral finish on both sides of the jewellery piece. Kundan Meena Jewellery flaunted by the Royals.

Kundan Meena is a blend of an art form & a jewelry style. Meenakarimeans Enameling, which a handwork of imposing a myriad of colors in Gold, while Kundan means Pure sparkling Gold, which when integrated on a piece of jewelry, make a beautiful piece of art and this form of jewelry is known as Kundan Meena jewellery. Suranas embed their classic designs with fancy gemstones and other artistic elements to enhance your personality on your D Day.

Kundan Meena jewellery is one of the oldest forms of jewellery that described as elaborate, hypnotic and extravagant. Surana Jewellers is connoisseur of traditional kundan Meena Jewellery that have been fascinating for the sheer amount of craftsmanship. Kundan jewellery is always in demand, especially during the wedding season. No Indian bridal is considered to be complete without a touch of Kundan Jewellery. Surana Jeweller’s collection of kundan meena jewellery is special for its flawless finishing and crafting techniques. Kundan meena jewellery from Surana Jewellers complements all your Indian attires and even wears them with western outfits as statement jewellery.